Fitness for Work

Sick or injured employees can significantly impact on your business’s productivity, efficiency, safety and personal injury claims, as well as your bottom line.

Work Options’ Fitness for Work Services (F4W©) will help your business to select people capable of safely performing roles and to appropriately manage employees with health or injury concerns, ultimately protecting the employee and the business. We’ll give you peace of mind to navigate the balance between compliance and employment laws, business needs and culture, ensuring that you have the right people for the job – after all “fitting a square peg into a round hole is not only difficult, but damages either the peg or the hole” .

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If done properly, F4W© assessments can significantly reduce financial burden on employers. Evidence shows that employees who are not tested for fitness for work have:

4.3xhigher claim costs

Higher injury severity, medical costs & lost time

11x higher injury rates

Can your business afford this?

Benefits of Managing F4W©

  • Fewer accidents – safer workplace – less risk
  • Less absenteeism – higher productivity
  • Improved productivity
  • Better business image – win more customers
  • Employer of choice – less turnover

Our Customer Benefits & Rewards

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Customised to your specific needs & roles
  • Customer support program – seminars, FAQs, newsletters, alerts, case law and updates
  • Preferred supplier to civil construction & waste industries
  • Allied health team with >17yrs experience