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Implementation and Workforce Consultation

Implementing a new Drug and Alcohol Management System, or making significant changes to an existing one, must be done in consultation with the workforce, as with any safety system. However, it requires more than simply advising of the new system or uploading onto your platform. Drug and alcohol testing often raises significant questions and concerns from employees and managers alike. Navigating this needs to be done carefully and appropriately.

Work Options can facilitate this legally mandated consultation process for you with your employees, managers and employee representatives, to ensure you meet your consultation obligations.

You can be comforted by the significant experience of our implementation experts who understand the varying concerns and needs of employees and managers. They have done this a lot and will guide you safely through the obstacles, skilfully navigating to ensure a smooth and compliant consultation process.


Work Options’ drug and alcohol management training courses have been developed with the employer in mind. Our training can be done in-person, virtually (Zoom or MS Teams), or using our digital learning management platform, offering you flexibility, convenience and cost-effective options.

Our digital learning management platform offers the ability to provide online induction and refresher training for your workforce with the ability to embed training into your learning management system.

Courses include quizzes with a minimum pass mark and a certificate of completion to evidence learning and training compliance requirements. Access is 24/7 giving huge flexibility to suit the needs of your workforce. In addition, we offer options to suit your budget – from pay-as-you-go to unlimited access!

Our drug and alcohol training courses include:

    • Introduction to Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace
    • Managing the Risk of Drugs and Alcohol in my Workplace
    • Managing Drugs & Alcohol at Work: A Guide for Supervisors & Managers
    • Drug and Alcohol Program Officer Training

Online training course

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