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Mental Health drives COVID-19 claims

Without a doubt, COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos in everyone’s lives. The world’s population has experienced many new changes to the way we live and communicate. Adaptation has been the driving force to continue to survive the disease and try to get our lives back to normal, as once was.

Some people have had and continue to have a difficult time adjusting to the new changes and this can cause mental health issues. Whilst we can’t hug each other, we can have a friendly open discussion for support with our friends, family, work colleagues, or professional service.

For the first half of 2020 during the introduction of the disease to the world, Safe Work Australia has collated key findings on COVID-19 related workers’ compensation claims. It’s not a surprise mental health was listed high (34%) in the number of claims.

In summary:

  • The states of Western Australia and Queensland claimed mental health as their top injury during the pandemic.
  • The education and training industry suffered the most.
  • Women claimed mental health (19%) more than their male colleagues (7%).

Check out the infographic below for further details on the findings.

COVID-19 Related Worker’s Compensation Claims.

Throughout our lives, most employees will experience some sort of emotional trauma or mental health issue. To have a supportive framework in place, adopt an employee assistance program or mental health consulting service.

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