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Top 6 musculoskeletal tips for your wrists

Are any of your workers experiencing irritation in the wrist? Did you know that poor workstation ergonomics and repetitive use can flare up a pre-existing injury or create new inflammation in the wrist?

Astoundingly, 43% of musculoskeletal (soft-tissue) injuries accounted for the top nature of worker’s compensation claims in 2015-16 (Safe Work Australia). Twenty six percent of these claims were for the upper limb – the arm.

Maintaining a healthy upper limb and knowing how to use it in the correct way is vital to avoid harm or injury.

So, what’s the best practice for protecting your wrists from injury or overuse?

Here are our top 6 tips for a healthy wrist:

  1. Have an ergonomic assessment conducted of your workstation to ensure it is set up correctly for you.
  2. Regularly perform gentle wrist exercise movements throughout the day.
  3. Clench your fists and build strength within your hands for a strong grip.
  4. Avoid long duration of repetitive wrist movement.
  5. When carrying an object surround your arms around it so as not to carry the full weight on your wrists.
  6. If carrying an awkward or heavy item look for extra support such as a wrist guard or ask someone to help you carry it.

Using the above tips and knowing how to adjust your workstation equipment to suit your task movements will help to avoid future damage and workplace claims.

For information on ergonomics and assessments click here.

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