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Now in our 17th year of operation Work Options is one of the longest serving, privately owned providers of injury prevention and workforce health.

Our success and longevity comes from an unbending reputation for:

  • integrity and quality
  • strong customer relationships
  • diversity & adaptability of services
  • value-for-money.

Our Vision

to be the leader of injury management & workforce health solutions in Australia.

Our Purpose

We help protect businesses and people from the impact of workplace injuries. We do this by pointing out the dangers, showing the safe way forward, and, for those already injured, lighting the path to rebuilding their lives.

Our Core Values


  • Serious but fun: a fair balance between hard work & fun
  • Take care of each other: be positive, kind & helpful
  • Leverage & learn: it makes us better at what we do

Customer & Client

  • Think like a customer: need we say more!
  • Integrity matters: reputation is everything
  • Small details are huge: we won’t forget them
  • Follow through: deliver on what we promise


  • Think of the environment: in our business decisions
  • Social responsibility: give what we can, where we can