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Our Purpose

To keep people safe at work, protect businesses from the cost of work accidents and help people with injuries or illness to recover and/or return to work.


Our Niche

We make the complex simple.

We’re experts in helping customers navigate positively and seamlessly through workers compensation and personal injury schemes, therefore making it easy for employers to keep their people safe and well at work.


Our Values

People matter: We are positive, inclusive, kind, and respectful
Reputation: We work with honesty, integrity, passion, and driven to deliver outcomes
Ownership: We are accountable for our actions, and will deliver what we promise
Thinking: We think like a customer – we are solution orientated and work together to help them
Education: We are curious and committed to learning from anyone, and to always being better
Community: Through our actions we influence our society and environment for the good of all
Thorough: We attend to details – it makes a difference to everything above

Our Senior Leadership Team

Karen Castledine

Managing Director


Northern NSW Regional Manager


Southern NSW Regional Manager


Finance & Operations Manager

What Our People Say

“I like working at Work Options because of the equally professional and friendly environment in the workplace. I also admire the consultants for the work they do in making a massive difference in our clients recovery journey’s.”

T, Administration and Customer Service Officer

“I have worked for Work Options for 12 years. It has a fantastic culture of support and the work is always varied – never a dull moment!

D, Senior Injury Management Specialist

“Work Options is a place where you get to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share a passion for health, recovery and achieving work-focused goals. I love working here as I get to exercise my health professional skills to actively make a difference in people’s lives for the better!”

A, Senior Rehabilitation Counsellor

“I enjoy working for Work Options because of the scope of health services offered to our clients. The team culture at here is fantastic and an intrinsic part of my enjoyment at work.”

B, Southern NSW Regional Manager


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