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When it comes to the growing issue of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace, employers are justified in feeling overwhelmed and unsure on how to best manage this complex problem. There is a minefield of laws, regulations, scientific facts, and myths, to be aware of. Making the right decisions is critical to minimising risk and cost to your business.

Did you know that drug and alcohol use in the workplace costs Australian businesses considerably more than most realise:  estimated to be $4 billion annually! It contributes significantly to absenteeism, productivity, workplace injuries and claims, and work health safety incidents.

Combine a COVID-19 Workplace Surveillance Testing with your drug and alcohol testing to help meet your safety requirements.

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Our team of experts will guide you through the obstacles, skilfully navigating to keep your people and business safe from the dangers of drugs and alcohol misuse in the workplace.


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“I have been really happy using Work Options as they provide an all-round great service. They give the drug tests and support clients who fail with counselling. Supporting these clients is above and beyond what is expected.” Leanne Filippi, BREFNI

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing – Onsite & Offsite

We provide national drug and alcohol testing 24 hours a day, which can be performed at your worksite or another location.

COVID-19 Workplace Surveillance Testing

Our pathology collectors can conduct both Rapid Antigen or PCR testing on-site to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure at your workplace.

Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol Testing

If you’re looking to protect your business from the affects of drug and alcohol use in the workplace, pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is essential.

Drug & Alcohol Testing and Management System

If you want the best protection possible, a complete Workplace Drug and Alcohol Management System will provide your business with the foundation to minimise the risks associated with drugs and alcohol.

Implementation, Workforce  Consultation and Training

Work Options will facilitate the legally mandated consultation process with your management and employer representatives and coordinate all systems training including online inductions.

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