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A comprehensive Workplace Drug and Alcohol Management System will equip your business with the best protection against the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol in your workforce.

What’s included in a Drug and Alcohol Management System?


  • Drug and Alcohol Management System Documentation, including:
      • Drug and Alcohol Policy
      • Comprehensive Procedure – customised to your business
      • Required forms and templates to administer the procedure
      • Employee FAQ Booklet


  • Implementation, Workforce Consultation and Training

We will facilitate the legally mandated consultation process with your employees, management and employer representatives, and coordinate all systems training. Click here for further information.

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

We will take care of your complete testing requirements, including random, blanket, post-incident, prior to return to duties, reasonable concern and confirmatory laboratory testing. We can also take the hassle out of coordinating testing by handling your test scheduling and results management for you.


  • Support for You and Your Employees

Our flexible support packages allow you to choose the level of support you need or want, depending upon your internal resources, skills and budget.

Our support packages include technical and procedural help, testing and scheduling, results management, employee support, compliance, education and training, learning and events, data and reporting.

Simply choose your level and then access your support when you need it. You can increase or decrease your level of support whenever you need!

Online training course

Work Options is ready to help guide you in safeguarding your business from Drugs and Alcohol in your workplace.

Contact us for a free 5 minute consultation, request a quotation or fill out the free self-assessment on Drug and Alcohol protection in your workplace.


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