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Why Drug testing is an investment and not a cost

The impacts of drugs and alcohol in the workplace present huge financial, social and cultural risks to employers. Whilst some of these risks are well known, such as work accidents and injuries, many are less obvious.

For example, do you know how much drugs and alcohol may be contributing to absenteeism in your workforce? Do you know how much drugs and alcohol may be impacting on performance, productivity and presenteeism in your business? Are you aware of how many of your precious resources are being diverted to manage the consequences of drugs and alcohol in your workplace? Do you know how many valuable workers you lose due to drug and alcohol issues?

It is estimated that the impact of drugs and alcohol costs Australian businesses up to $4b annually due to illness, absenteeism and productivity.

It is easy to think that this impact is every other business, but you may be surprised to know that these ‘hidden’ costs are all very real for your business and are more than likely costing you right now! This is where drug testing and a drug and alcohol management system can help to reduce the risk of these real and costly impacts. It is important to remember that workplace drug testing is less about ‘catching’ a worker under the influence; but rather, it is about protecting your workforce and your business.

That is why bringing a drug and alcohol management and testing system into your business is an investment, not a cost. Think of it this way: it will likely cost significantly more money dealing with the consequences of drug and alcohol issues at work, than it will managing them. The drug and alcohol system will support your workforce’s wellbeing and future-proof against costly and hidden liabilities, rather than just be ‘another expense’. Not to mention the peace of mind you will gain knowing you are reducing your risk and protecting your people and business.

If you would like to chat with our team on how to implement or review the current policy to safe guard your business from drugs and alcohol, then please contact us on 1300 TEST4DRUGS or online here.

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