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Unfortunately for business owners, ‘common-sense’ isn’t actually all that common, especially when it comes to safety. The health and safety of your people, and protection of your business, should be a fundamental part of your business strategy, however it can also be a significant challenge when there are a myriad of risk areas.

Work Options provides evidence-based, industry specific training and consulting to protect your people and business against the costs and risks associated with workplace accidents, injury and illness. Taking your business needs, goals and risk level into consideration, our safety experts will evaluate and educate to better your business return and provide peace of mind.


Consulting Services

Whether you’re seeking advice on a specific area of your business, or if you want to overhaul you’re entire Safety Management Plan, our team of safety experts can provide tailored strategies and evidence-based solutions to prevent, minimise and manage your health and safety risk.

Training Programs

Policies and Procedures alone won’t keep you safe. Health and safety training across all staff levels is essential if you’re looking to reduce your risk, alter the workplace safety attitude and reduce claims cost. Work Options offers a number of focused training courses and topics, which can be delivered one-on-one or in small or large groups, which are proven to assist in reducing health and safety risks.


Want to reduce the financial and physical cost of injury to your workplace? Interested in receiving quality tips, news and updates on safety management?