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Do you have staff who are required to use manual handling in their role? Do your employees perform physical work? Does your workplace carry a high health and safety risk? Then a Fitness for Work Assessment is crucial to protecting against the costs associated with workplace injury and in the prevention of discrimination claims.

The Work Options Difference

A Work Options Fitness for Work Assessment (F4W©) considers the actual physical and cognitive demands of a role and directly assesses a candidates ability to perform those tasks safely. It is much more than a basic medical assessment from a GP. Our F4W© Specialists will give you peace of mind to navigate the balance between compliance and employment laws, ensuring that you have the right people for the job, and protect you against the risks.

Pre-employment Fitness for Work Assessments

When hiring new employees it is essential that you hire the best person for the job, but also important that you don’t rule out any good candidates based on medical concerns, which may not actually affect their ability to safely perform the role. Because a F4W© Assessment is based on a task analysis, it measures the candidate’s suitability based only on the required physical and health criteria. So not only will you gain peace of mind knowing that you’re at low risk of accidents and injury, but you’ll have evidence based assessments which will also lower your risk of discrimination claims when hiring.

Ongoing Fitness for Work Assessments

At Work Options we understand that roles and their requirements can often change, meaning that employees can become a higher risk of workplace injury and illness. We offer F4W© Assessments on an ongoing or as-needed basis so that employees can continue to perform their role safely when there is a health and safety concern present. We will provide you with detailed reports and communication based on the task analysis and assessment criteria, referrals and discussions with doctors/treaters when required, as well as advice on how to assist employees adapt to their altered role, with minimal disruption to the business.


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