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Creating a tighter safety net

We hear from many employers asking how they can make their workplace a healthier and safer environment for their workers. Apart from revisiting the current workplace health and safety practices and ensuring all the gaps are covered, we recommend implementing pre-employment fitness assessments. Why?

Well, a Fitness for Work Assessment is an additional measure of understanding that a candidate can physically perform the role safely and without harm to others.

Implementing a Fitness for Work Assessment will be a weight off your shoulders knowing the candidate chosen is the safe for your business. Not only are you protecting the business from unexpected claims, costs, and premiums due to an accident, you’ll be creating a tighter safety net for the workplace. Your workers will appreciate the workplace policy of additional screening of new workers to ensure the business continues to operate in a safe environment for all.

So, if you want to learn about this essential service and tighten your workplace safety net then click here. If you are interested in more workforce health safety solutions for your business visit our services page.

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