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Workplace Drug & Alcohol Solutions

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Fitness for Work

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We keep people safe at work, protect businesses from the cost of work accidents and help people with injuries or illness to recover and return to work.

At Work Options, we know that a safer workplace means fewer accidents, higher productivity, improved culture, and ultimately, a better return on your investment. But creating a safe workplace can be a challenging journey.


We know that managing workforce health is complex and you cannot be an expert in every area. We understand the stress, worry and financial burden that workplace injuries can create. And we know that employers want to do the right thing to keep their people safe and healthy, but are often unsure or under-resourced to do so properly.
That’s where we come in!


Our purpose at Work Options is to keep people safe at work, protect businesses from the cost of work accidents and help people with injuries or illness recover and return to work.


Our team of experts are here to guide you through the obstacles, to help you navigate the minefield of laws, regulations, facts, and myths, to keep your people safe and protect your business.


Whether it is helping to ensure you have the right people for the job via our fitness for work/pre-employment services; or managing the risks of drug and alcohol misuse at work with our drug and alcohol testing and drug and alcohol management systems; or protecting workplaces from the risk of COVID-19 exposure with our COVID-19 Workplace Surveillance Testing; or keeping your workforce mentally healthy through our employee assistance programs, mental health consulting and training; or helping to return your injured worker back to work with our workplace rehabilitation services; or by ensuring your employees have the right workstation ergonomic set-up via our ergonomics services; our team are here to help!


And with more than 20 years as an industry leader, we’ve helped thousands of Australians safeguard their businesses from the risks and financial burden of workplace injuries: keeping their people safe, and profits in their pocket.


Our Customers and Partners

What our Client’s Say

I do wish you were working with us on another case we have, but the insurer has given us a different provider, who are nowhere near as responsive as you have been. It has been very easy to work with you and the organisation.

Gina O’Brien, Compliance and Corporate Projects, Shore School

Work Options have consistently provided our Members with a high quality service. They explain the issues and options clearly, and deliver solutions that save our Members money and heartache. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Tony Khoury, Executive Director, Waste Contractors & Recycling Association

I was very happy with the process and I was happy that Work Options was there from the beginning. I do believe this claim would have had me very worked up and stressed had I not had your help along the way.

Laura Kelly, Master Builders Association