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Musculoskeletal injuries are the leading issue in workers compensation claims, resulting in 90%* of claims from Australian workers.

Back or neck injury were the majority of these issues with 32% caused by incorrect handling of objects and 25% associated with misuse of equipment.

To avoid risk of injury, a workplace ergonomics assessment should be conducted.

Ensuring your business is ergonomically sound can be overwhelming or seem expensive. It is not necessary to spend your entire budget on standup desks for all your workers or outfit the workplace with new on-trend equipment. For a cost effective and preventative strategy, Work Options is here to help you navigate the best ergonomics solution for your business.

Ergonomic Services

Work Options ergonomic services provide valuable evaluation and solutions:

Individual assessment

Our assessor and your staff member will overlook the work or home ergonomic set up and the task analysis for their position. The one hour assessment is followed by a solutions report. We can provide assessments in vehicles, trucks, heavy machinery equipment and best practice manual handling.

Small group assessments

Shorter 15 minute assessments (for a minimum of 4 people) with a report provided. This is a great service to a business for returning back to the office or industrial setting workers.


Quick fine-tune assessments targeting main areas of concern (8-10 assessments per hour). These are extremely valuable when staff are transitioning to a new office fit out or back to the office.

Training sessions

Our virtual online and face-to-face training sessions will provide the business with an overall understanding of ergonomics in the workplace. Tips, advice and how to position your workstation equipment are some of the valuable learnings from our training sessions.

For employees working from home, we have a range of Ergonomic and WHS Setup downloadable packages available to help with avoiding harm or injury whilst working from home. Click here for more information.

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If you are uncertain of how to safeguard your business from workplace injury including guidance on ergonomic design, furniture or equipment selection, our ergonomics expert is here to help.

*Safe Work Australia, 2018.


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