Working from Home: Correct Ergonomic & WHS Setup


When staff are working from home, employers are still responsible for WHS practices and maintaining the health and safety of their people – this includes ergonomics. Work Options have a range of downloadable packages available to employers and workers, to assist in injury and strain prevention whilst working from home. View the Packages Table for inclusions for each package.



During the COVID-19 crisis many employers had to transition their workers to a work-from-home arrangement for an unknown period of time.

Working from home will be new to many workers and employers, as will knowing how to set-up their workstation with correct ergonomics. It is important to understand that whilst your workers’ usual place of work may have changed, your responsibility for their health and safety has not! You will still be liable for a workers compensation claim if a worker injures themselves whilst working from home.

To help employers protect their workers and their businesses from the risk of injury whilst working from home, we have put together a virtual WHS Work from Home and Ergonomic Set-up service.

The service offers three options to choose from – Basic, Standard and Premium. The benefits of each package are outlined in the table below. 

Once you have purchased your package, you will receive a confirmation email with details and links to access the checklists, videos and further instructions.

NB: currently registration is individual. We are working on a group registration option for employers needing to register high numbers of workers. 

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