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Workplace Ergonomics Services FAQs:

Why is it important to have an ergonomics assessment of a worker’s workstation?

Ergonomic assessments are an insightful way in highlighting areas of the workstation that could impact a worker’s daily environment. Ergonomic is the happy marriage between the work environment (i.e. systems/products) with the worker. It is essential to make sure the worker is in an optimal environment to prevent and minimise injuries in the workplace or working from home.

These assessments can have a positive impact in making the worker aware of their own environment, take charge in supporting themselves and being conscious on promoting better health.

What are the workplace ergonomics services available?

Work Options provides various workplace ergonomic services from one-on-one assessments for a thorough review or brief assessments to ensure the key areas of concern are evaluated to be ergonomically sound. Our floor sweeps are a quick time tuning assessments for up to 8-10 people.

Alongside the assessments our expert ergonomics consultants can provide training to compliment the assessment with a refresher or as part of an orientation program. The presentations include a range of topics such as office ergonomics, home set up ergonomics, manual handling, ergonomics wellness for women and vehicle ergonomics.

Train the Trainer is a great tool we provide to support businesses to implement their own ergonomic setup. This service helps to raise prevention in an office setting and to safeguard the workers from injury which can result into expensive workers’ compensation claims.

Can work-from-home workers be assessed?

Of course, due to the ever changing COVID-19 world we live in, most people have been impacted from this pandemic in various ways. As businesses are required to adhere with government policies and advice, the usual office environment has transitioned from the office space to our home office set up or less than desired, kitchen or lounge rooms.

Work Options is here to help employers with ensuring their workers are set up in an ergonomically sound environment even if it is outside of the usual workplace. Our ergonomics consultants can remotely review the home office environment with the current equipment to provide useful recommendations for the worker’s workstation setup. An assessment with a comprehensive report including recommendations is provided in this service.

Are there any hidden costs in a workplace ergonomics assessment?

No, there are no hidden costs attached when booking in the assessment and report as the fees are clearly stated in the quotation. Our Work Options ergonomics consultants will optimise the current worker’s equipment to assist in a supported and comfortable environment. In the Product Recommendations section of the report essential equipment will be stated with suggested equipment retail link and cost.

How long does the ergonomics assessment take?

Depending on the service selected for the worker, the duration varies:

  • Individual assessment are up to 60 minutes
  • Brief assessments take around 15 minutes per worker
  • Floor sweep assessments per worker is around 5 minutes each

All of the assessments can be conducted face-to-face or virtual.

The workplace ergonomics assessment report is sent 24 hours after the assessment has been conducted.

How often should a workplace ergonomics assessment and or training be conducted?

It is essential that these assessments, regardless of the type chosen should be conducted every 12 months, provided there are no changes in the worker’s environment. If there are changes to the worker transitioning to a home office set-up, or back to the office, or post surgery, or a new staff member is joining the business then an ergonomics assessment is vital.

Ideally, an ergonomics assessment is imperative for all new staff joining the business and can include existing staff as a refresher if need be.

Contact us  if you have any further questions on workplace ergonomics  or for a friendly chat with our ergonomics experts in how to safeguard your workplace from injuries.


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