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Fitness For Work Assessments FAQs:

Who conducts the fit for work assessment?

Our fitness for work assessments (F4W©) are conducted by a range of Allied Health Professionals within Work Options. Our expert team includes Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists and Physiotherapists.

Why is it necessary for an employer to seek a pre-employment fit for work assessment?

A F4W© assessment is a valuable tool in identifying the suitability of a potential candidate for a role within the business to ensure they meet the inherent physical demands of the role.

Our unique F4W© program provides employers with a report on the person’s physical capability to perform the role without endangering themselves or others. The assessment gathers feedback around the person’s medical history, work history, the results of the physical assessment with the option of a drug and alcohol screen, and recommendations if the assessed individual is suited to the position.

Are there any hidden costs in a fit for work assessment?

There are no hidden costs as all costs are outlined prior to the assessment commencement. At the time of booking in a F4W© assessment the employer will advise what services they require for the person’s assessment. Therefore, services do not exceed what has been requested at the time of booking. A quotation is sent to the employer for approval prior to commencing the service.

Where can the assessment take place?

Assessments take place within a controlled environment using equipment supplied by Work Options. The assessment can be conducted in any of our offices: North Sydney, Parramatta, Wollongong, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Canberra.

Is it best to include a drug and alcohol test in the functional assessment?

Inclusion of a drug and alcohol screen is optional, however including a drug and alcohol test in the F4W© assessment  helps an employer identify increased risk associated with drug or alcohol use at work. This may be particularly helpful for higher risk roles.

How long does the assessment take?

The assessment time can vary depending on the inclusions of the assessment. Generally, a fitness for work assessment (F4W©) will take up to one hour in duration, including a drug an alcohol screen. If a hearing assessment is included, this can take on average of one hour to complete on top of the general F4W© assessment.

When does the employer receive the results?

An employer will receive the results of the F4W© assessment within 24 hours of the assessment being completed. The report includes the objective findings of the assessment and based on these results the individual’s capacity to complete the assessment will be categorised into one of three categories. Similar to a traffic light system to which the employer can use to make a decision on the employability of the individual physically assessed:

  • Red light
  • Amber light
  • Green light

How often should the workers be assessed?

A worker can be assessed prior to employment to provide recommendations around their suitability for the role. They can also be assessed when returning to work following injury or illness to confirm capacity to complete the inherent demands of their role. Existing employees who may be performing the role for a significant amount of time can be assessed to ensure they are still able to perform their role safely.

Please contact us if you have any further questions on assessing your workers physical capabilities for performing the role safely and avoiding risks within the workplace.


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