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Benefits of enlisting a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider

So, you have an injured worker with a workers compensation claim who is off work and the claim is going to impact your workers’ compensation premium. The worker needs to come back to work but you have no idea how to do this or what they can even do!

That’s where a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider comes in.

Our purpose is to assist you and your injured worker to achieve a safe, quick, and durable return to work. Providers have a team of allied health professionals experienced in return to work management who will assess what, when, and how your injured worker can return to work and document this in a Return to Work Plan. The Provider offers a level of confidence and objectivity as decisions are based on injury management evidence and expertise, removing any potential for unintended bias or disagreement between the employer and worker on the best way to get back to work.

As an example, the Return to Work Plan may include an upgrading schedule outlining the days and hours of work, what duties will be performed, and any adjustments that may be needed, making it simple and clear for all.

If your injured worker cannot return to their pre-injury role, the Provider will also help identify a suitable alternate role either in your business or in a new role outside your business altogether.

Enlisting a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider helps you navigate the complexities of the return to work process and protect against unnecessary premium increases associated with delayed return to work. Many employers do not realise that the longer a worker is off work – fully or partially – the more it impacts their premium. Additionally, having someone off work for a prolonged period can also impact other workers, staff morale, productivity, and service delivery.

Did you know that as an employer you can nominate your preferred Workplace Rehabilitation Provider?

Nominate Work Options as your preferred Workplace Rehabilitation Provider. Make sure you research the ideal one for your business.

Work Options has been a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider for over 20 years, click here to learn more about workplace rehabilitation. If you have any questions or would like to have a friendly conservation on workplace rehabilitation, please call us on 02 9957 1300 or contact us.

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