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Hiring: should I conduct a pre-employment drug and alcohol testing or not?

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing has been relatively common in industries such as mining, construction, transport and logistics in Australia.  It is now on the rise in white-collar industries as well, as companies try to prevent problems due to the increase in drug use in Australia.

You’re looking to hire a new employee and are now facing the dilemma of whether or not to conduct pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. As an employer, you have an obligation to eliminate or otherwise manage the risks of inappropriate drug and alcohol use.  However, testing workers for drug and alcohol use can be controversial, but also a vital part of your workplace health and safety program.

There are pros and cons of pre-employment drug testing. For one, it enables managers to minimise the risk of their staff using illegal drugs on the job, possibly leading to potential accidents. But many business owners shy away from testing their employees for drug and alcohol use because doing so could incur a considerable cost for the company.

Both sides present valid points, so it is important for you as a manager to research thoroughly before making a decision. Following are some reasons to consider whether you should or shouldn’t implement pre-employment drug and alcohol testing:

You should because:
Safety – maintaining a drug and alcohol-free workforce ensures that the environment remains safe and healthy.  This could minimise the threat of drug-related incidents.  Without pre-employment drug testing, it is very difficult for an employer to identify workers who may pose a risk to everyone in the workplace due to drug and alcohol misuse.

Work issues that may arise – the use of drugs and alcohol on the job may affect the quality of employee’s work, increase their absenteeism or coming in late and result in lost productivity.  The cost of pre-employment drug and alcohol testing may save your business money later on as a result of not having to re-hire or compensate an injured employee.

Possible legal liabilities – Drug and alcohol use on the job poses a clear risk to employers.  Should an accident occur caused by a drug-using employee where other staff members are injured, the employer could face legal liability because they failed to maintain a safe working environment.  Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing demonstrates that an employer is making an effort to ensure a safe working environment for everyone.

Company image and reputation – Should a drug-related incident in your business be reported in the press, it could be extremely damaging to your company image and reputation, as it doesn’t paint a picture of a company that a future client would trust with their business.

Improved staff morale – when staff know that their safety is taken seriously by their employer, it tends to raise morale.  They feel valued and more motivated and committed.

Employees with drug and alcohol problems need help – pre-employment drug testing is beneficial to the employee as well as the employer.  It can assist them with getting the help they need.

Common reasons employers shy away from testing:
Cost – Some employers believe that pre-employment drug and alcohol testing can be expensive and affect the business’ bottom line.

In reality, it is actually a very good return on investment.  A standard drug and alcohol test starts at around $40.  This is extremely little in comparison to the cost of accidents and injuries or brand damage.

Privacy issues – some employees feel it violates their privacy and their rights to choose how they spend their own free time.  It may also lead them to feel that their employer doesn’t trust them.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing is not only beneficial for the business owner, but for the drug-using employees as well. A drug test is not meant to humiliate a potential employee but assist them in getting the proper help that they need.

Potential lawsuits – drug and alcohol testing need to be clearly known to potential employees, otherwise they may take legal action depending on the consequences.

A sound drug policy that is demonstrably known to your employees is key to avoiding major legal issues.

So, to test or not to test?  The pros clearly outweigh the cons.  A drug and alcohol-free work environment is critical to ensuring the health and safety of all your employees.

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