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Mental Health Consulting & Employee Assistance Program FAQs:

What type of Mental Health services does Work Options provide?

We’re here to help businesses create a mentally healthy workplace and our services include:

  • Mental Health policy and procedure development;
  • Employee Assistance Programs;
  • Training to improve communication within the workplace around mental health;
  • Education to staff in areas of mental health, substance abuse and ways to improve mental wellbeing;
  • Management training around how to improve the mental healthiness of teams.

Do you provide an in-house solution for training and employee Mental Health consulting?

Yes, Work Options offer an extensive suite of mental health training packages designed for businesses seeking to improve the mental healthiness of their workforce, the performance of their personnel, staff retention and management strategy in this space.

Work Options offer a variety of pre-developed training packages in the above areas to provide a cost effective solution to the Mental Health needs of your business. Training can be delivered both face to face and via video teleconferencing. Participant groups typically vary between 10 and 15 people, to encourage a higher frequency of discussion around the topics covered.

Can you assist with developing our business’ Mental Health policy and procedures?

Work Options are able to work with your business in developing your Mental Health policy and procedures in alignment with your systems, Employee Assistance Program and staff feedback.

What is your confidentiality policy?

All Work Options consultants and counsellors are registered health professionals, thus confidentiality around information disclosure is a key priority for the business.

Information disclosed during counselling cannot be discussed with other employees or persons, without the client’s written consent. This also includes the disclosure of the client’s name during invoicing and disclosure of who is accessing the Employee Assistance Program.

Information will only be disclosed when the counsellor perceives that it presents a risk to the safety of the client or others within the workplace. During these situations, the client will be informed of the disclosure process, provided that this will not have a further negative impact on their safety.

How do our worker’s access the Employee Assistance Program?

When you accept Work Options as the Employee Assistance Program provider for your business, you will receive access to a hotline number that employees can call to arrange an appointment with a qualified counsellor.

To access this number, it can be either provided directly to all employees or accessed via the line manager or human resource personnel, depending on what is outlined within your organisations Mental Health Policy and Procedure.

How quickly will I be able to speak to a counsellor?

In most cases an appointment will be scheduled within 3 days, either via telephone or face-to-face.

Please contact us if there are any further questions on creating a mentally healthy workplace.


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