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Don’t blow your budget on the wrong ergonomics equipment!

Recently we spoke with a business that had just spent $50,000 on stand-up desks for their entire workforce. Acting with great intent the business thought this would safe-proof their employees from injuries related to sedentary work.

Unfortunately, the reality is most people do not need a stand-up desk and it is usually only those with pre-existing back or neck issues that really need one.

Sure, they can be great for encouraging people to stand more and sit less and there is some good research around the long-term health benefits of this. But in truth the business could have achieved the same result with alternate and more cost-effective strategies as well as saved themselves thousands of dollars in the process!

It is not an uncommon mindset to think you need to spend a lot of money on the latest flashy ergonomic chair or stand-up desk. But without the correct skills and knowledge of what, where, and to whom ergonomics is applicable, you run the risk not only of blowing your budget, but purchasing the wrong or unnecessary equipment that could potentially cause more harm than good! And, moreover, you may not even achieve the goal you set out to achieve: to  safe-proof your workforce!

So, how do you know what the right strategy to implement is, or what equipment to purchase? It all starts with an ergonomic assessment. Conducted by a skilled and experienced expert the ergonomic assessment will help you determine where your risks are and what can be done to reduce them. It may simply be some training on correct workstation set-up, posture and stretch exercises, or a quick and simple re-design of the office ergonomic layout. And, yes it could also be the purchase of the right ergonomic equipment – for those who really need it.

Ultimately, it is about spending a little of your ergonomic budget upfront to save blowing it all on the wrong things. It’s about being confident knowing you are making the right decision and implementing the most cost-effective strategy to safeguard your people and your business.

Click here to learn more about what ergonomic assessments are available to help you spend your ergonomic budget wisely.

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